IACL Roundtable “The sovereign debt revisited by Constitutional and International Law”, 13-14.11.2015, Athens

Theme: “The sovereign debt revisited by the Constitutional and International Law”.
The focus will be on the interplay between Constitutional and International Law, focusing on issues involving Human Rights protection and threats to democratic sovereignty.

Hosting: The Association of Greek Constitutionalists

Scientific Coordination: The Association of Greek Constitutionalists and the European Public Law Organisation

13 November 2015

Opening Session: State sovereignty and sovereign debt in the context of international economic crisis.

Chair: Prof. Kostas Mavrias (Emeritus, University of Athens, Law Faculty, President of the Scientific Council of the Greek Parliament, President of the Association of Greek Constitutionalists, Honorary President of the IACL)

10:00-10:20 Prof. Bertrand Mathieu (University of Paris I, Pole Master of Public Law, MRU of Comparative Law, former President of the French Association of Constitutional Law, Member of the Council of Judicial Authorities, Vice-president of the IACL): Is democracy compatible with European legal order: reflections starting from the question of the sovereign debt?

10:20-10:40 Prof. Xenophon Contiades (University of Peloponnese, School of Social and Political Sciences, Managing Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation) and Dr Alkmini Photiadou(Attorney at Law): Can indebted nations reclaim sovereignty through referendums?

10:40-11:00 Dr Marianthi Kalyviotou (Attorney at Law, Scientific Service, Greek Parliament): The Greek sovereign debt. Current legal aspects

11:00-11:20 Dr Angela Cummine (British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow): The Greek Privatization Fund and fiduciary state theory: Evaluating the sale of Greek national assets to service debt through a fiduciary prism

11:20-11:40 Coffee Break

11:40-13:00 Discussion

Afternoon Session: International Loan Treaties and Human Rights Protection

Chair: Prof. Thomas Fleiner (Emeritus, University of Fribourg, Law Faculty, Director of the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg, President Emeritus of the IACL)

16:00-16:20 Judge Sotirios Rizos (President Emeritus of the Council of State): Social Rights and the Council of State case-law in the crisis context

16:20-16:40 Prof. Margot Salomon (London School of Economics): Social Rights as fiscal risks and other stories from the dark heart of Europe

16:40-17:00 Prof. Patrina Paparrigopoulou-Pechlivanidi (University of Athens, Law Faculty): Controversial policies of international organizations toward states in economic crisis

17:00-18:00 Discussion


14 November 2015

Morning Session: Are there illegitimate debts under Constitutional Law and International Law?

Chairman: Prof. Martin Scheinin (European University Institute, former Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Helsinki, President Emeritus of the IACL)

09:30-09:50 Prof. Robert Howse (New York University School of Law): Rethinking “default” as a legal and economic concept: has it done more harm than good?

09:50-10:10 Prof. Mattias Goldmann (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law): All debts are equal? A legal Analysis of Sovereign Debt Restructurings in Greece, Germany and Europe

10:10-10:30 Prof. Yiannis Drossos (University of Athens, Law Faculty): The Flip-Sides of the coin. A Gloss on the judicial treatment of the financial measures and instruments introduced in view of the economic crisis

10:30-10:50 Prof. Antonis Bredimas (Emeritus, University of Athens, Law Faculty):The concept of illegitimate debt in international law

10:50-11:10 Dr Giulia Aravantinou Leonidi (Researcher on Comparative Constitutional Law, University Sapienza, Rome): The Sovereign Debt: doctrine and case law in Italy

11:10-11.30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:20 Discussion

12:20-14:00 Concluding Remarks of the Round Table on the topic “The Greek case in a widened comparative context”

Chair: Prof. Manuel Cepeda (The University of Texas at Austin, former Chief Justice of the Colombian Constitutional Court, President of the IACL)

Prof. Martin Scheinin, Prof. George Kassimatis (Emeritus, University of Athens, Law Faculty, Honorary president of the IACL), Prof. Spyridon Flogaïtis (University of Athens, Law Faculty, Director of the EPLO, Secretary General of the Association of Greek Constitutionalists) Prof. Glykeria Siouti (University of Athens, Law Faculty), Prof.Theodoros Fortsakis (University of Athens, Law Faculty, former Member of the Greek Parliament, former Rector of the University of Athens), Prof. George Katrougalos (Democritus University of Thrace, former Minister, former Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Executive Committee of the IACL), Prof. Kalypso Nilolaïdis (University of Oxford, Director of the Center for International Studies and the Department of Politics and International Relations)

14:00 Meeting of the Executive Committee of the IACL (a light lunch will be offered)


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