Asymmetry, Multinationalism and Constitutional Law: Managing Legitimacy and Stability in Federalist States

by Maja Sahadžić (Routledge 2020, 280 pages)

About the book

This book examines the link between constitutional asymmetry and multinationalism and the effects asymmetry produces on legitimacy and stability in federal and quasi-federal systems. This is done through a structured and exhaustive comparative analysis, covering states in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

Contrary to traditional federal theory, contemporary scholars have linked constitutional asymmetry with multinational federal systems, by presenting asymmetry as a mechanism for diversity management. This book offers insights on whether and how constitutional asymmetry is linked with multinationalism and looks into the socio-economic, cultural-ideological, historical, and separatist factors that support the emergence of asymmetries. The work also provides a legal analysis of whether constitutional asymmetry is a condition or a threat to legitimacy and stability in federal systems.

The book will be essential reading for academics, researchers, and policy-makers in law and political science interested in the fields of constitutional law, federal theory, multinationalism, and minorities.

About the series

Comparative Constitutional Change has developed into a distinct field of constitutional law. It encompasses the study of constitutions through the way they change and covers a wide scope of topics and methodologies. Books in this series include work on developments in the functions of the constitution, the organization of powers and the protection of rights, as well as research that focuses on formal amendment rules and the relation between constituent and constituted power. The series includes comparative approaches along with books that focus on single jurisdictions, and brings together research monographs and edited collections which allow the expression of different schools of thought. While the focus is primarily on law, where relevant the series may also include political science, historical, philosophical and empirical approaches that explore constitutional change.

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